I believe I am a pretty freakin bad at graphic design. I just feel that I don’t see design. So, in order to fix this major flaw (considering my degree title has “designer” in it), my lecturer decided to tailor some lessons to help us work on these skills.

Layout Design

This task was pretty straight forward but so beneficial, we were to find a book or magazine that we liked the design of and first create a copy of that layout. We were then to put our own content into that layout and then change it around to make it our own. I have always known that one key aspect of design is to be influenced by others, however, I had never actually gone ahead and adapted it to my own design. I had also especially not done something like this in relation to designing print material.

The best thing about this was to see how design can be adapted(not stolen) to many different applications. It was also great to gain insight into how book layout would take place. 

The layout that I made use of.
The adaptation for my own content.


In order to further push our design abilities, we were tasked with creating a statement and playing with the typography in order to make it align to the meaning or context of the statement. As I am a multimedia design, I also dabble a bit in web coding and thus I decided to take a look at incorporating this into my phrase. 

It is certainly nothing to swoon over, however, I think that just experimenting and saving variations can show how much progress one can make in designing something in a relatively short amount of time. I think the most powerful tool that a designer has in their arsenal is iteration. 


A key thing that we require for our portfolio is a CV page. Inspired by another design I found, I adapted my own information into the design and added my own touch to it! It’s a pretty basic layout but I imagine that a CV does not have to be a very complex visual representation as an employer would want something that gets right to the point. 

Cymatics Layout

For a craft project we were tasked with using a brief that we were working on and creating a sentence that represented the concept of that brief. We were then required to play around with the layout of the words to represent the concept in the best way possible. 

My project was using cymatics to visualize sound as its own language. Essentially I was “visualizing the language of sound” by making use of a speaker, a swimming cap and sand. The sound would vibrate the sand into beautiful shapes, as if it were speaking its own language. This is what I wanted to represent with my statement. 

Thanks for reading!

Improving Design

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