So I am beginning a project and challenge to myself to create a 3D game that one can download onto their phone or play on a computer that will showcase my identity as Mountain Man in a more interactive manner. The game is and will be greatly inspired by Firewatch .

This blog will serve as the process book by which I will document my process so you can follow if you are interested! For my initial planning phase I am going to layout the basis for which my game is formed around.

The Purpose:

The aim of my “game” is to showcase my ability to create something 3D, animate in 3D and build something interactive. It is also an opportunity to show people who I am as a multimedia designer. The “game” won’t be a traditional game in the sense that it is solely exploratory and not based off any story line. By exploring, one will be able to piece together a narrative that is done by finding objects  It is to serve as my first interactive experience that I have been working towards creating for the entire year. I began by gaining a basic understanding of Cinema 4D and then learning Unreal Engine 4. This was so that I had the ability to create my own 3D environment without using to many pre-made assets.

The Journey:

This will take place in the mountains, at a cabin that consists of a mountain man themed area. The cabin will be placed on the edge of the mountain ad will based on the narrative that a guy wakes up and can’t remember anything. The intention is that the player learns who the character is and the character is a reflection of who I am as Mountain Man. Therefore the player learns who I am.


The user will experience the game in a first person point of view. This will be to minimize the visuals of an actual character as this takes a lot of time and expertise that I do not have at this time. I would like to try make hands visible to give a more immersible feel. If I cannot achieve this then the player will not have any hands and interactions will take place without seeing any part of the character which will give a very stylized feel in itself.


For each artifact(findable content) I would like to have an animation that can add a more immersible feel. This will be similar to the gameplay of Firewatch which was boasted for its immersive experience. I will have to experiment with this before I can confirm this method though.


Asset List(To Create):

  1. Cabin
  2. Map
  3. Compass
  4. Flag
  5. Guitar
  6. Bed
  7. Shoes
  8. 4×4 Outside
  9. Banjo
  10. Cajon
  11. Cup(Hot Chocolate)
  12. Trees
  13. Rocks
  14. Stairs
  15. Wind Chime?
  16. Bracelets
  17. Grass?
  18. Mountains
  19. Mountain Edge

This lists is just a starter to what I have to make and will start making these assets to import into the game engine and keep you updated to the progress!



Mountain Man Experience

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