So as a second craft project I had to complete a music video for a song that I wrote called Not Long To Go. My main focus was on sound, lighting and placement of different shots as well as actually being in the video itself.

Here is a bit of a video that  shows that actual live recording of the song that is to be coupled with the music video. I made use of a Samson MX144P Mixing desk with a slight amount of reverb where I plugged my vocal condenser mic, guitar, cajon mic and keyboard into. From The desk I took a line into my RC-300 looping station which was connected into my laptop to record the sound.

I made use of Adobe Audition to record the sound into and then made a few edits in the program such as adjusting the parametric equalizer’s frequencys so that I could hone in on annoying frequencies and kill them. I also made use of a digital condenser to make sure that as many of the frequencies were equal, mastering to lift and lower the best and worst frequencies, amplifier as well as a limiter to cut the volume so that it remained as consistent throughout the song as possible.

I hope you like it and will keep you updated!

A Music Video

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