So it has been a rather long time since I last posted and boy have I most certainly learnt a lot!

This update is going to be spread over a few posts as I would like to touch on quite a few different things. First off, Creatives.

So I have most certainly been slacking off a little bit on my creative works as I was a bit overwhelmed with projects as well as my music duo. Although I have done a rather large number of renders since that time intermittently. I’ll look at the updates sections at a time to help categorize it all.

26/06: “Fractal Dismemberment”

In this render I started making use of takes in Cinema 4D to separate separate cameras to give a more dramatized feeling to it. It was also one of the renders where I incorporated sound that I made in FruityLoops Studio.  To be honest I did follow a tutorial in this one, however, I learnt a great deal about the power of using Falloff within deformers and mographs in Cinema 4D. Essentially all falloff is, is the area where you want a particular effect to take effect(instead of applying it to the entire shape). 
27/06: “It Could’ve Been Worse”

Inspired by a dark dream that my lady had about the Earth being half destroyed by a meteor, I decided to make a render showing it. Although not one of my favourite renders as it was not quite as wonderful looking as I hoped it would be, I still learnt a lot. I mainly touched on applying an emission material (light) in Octane Render without noise/ distortion appearing. I found that the reason this would occur(noise) was because I was using the wrong type of lighting scale(RGB) rather than one that was more compatible and adjustable in Octane(Gaussian Spectrum). With this method, one must actually adjust the frequency and wavelength of the light to match the colour they want. The most important part is not to make the intensity not too bright, so as to “burn” the pixels and cause distortion.   

This was also an instance where I started messing around with Voronoi Fracture in order to get the object to break apart in a believable way.
28/06: “The Artifact”

You are simply not a 3D artist until you’ve made a piece like this. If you have ever seen the work of Beeple, then you’ll know what I mean. I mostly followed a tutorial for this one too, however, there was so much knowledge imparted in this one. More specifically with using displacement in Octane Renderer. What is great about this feature is that you can basically achieve photorealism in creating landscapes, or pretty much anything as you can use it to accurately recreate the hills and depressions in terrain or any surfaces. My favourite thing is that displacement in Octane only takes affect in the actual render engine which means that it doesn’t add extra geometry to your objects…ie…It speeds up your workflow, a lot
01/07: “Mechanical Haven”

At this point I was eager to really start telling stories with my creations, this one in particular was influenced by Jurassic World. Unfortunately the lighting doesn’t quite lend itself to showing the greatest of detail, however, it certainly took time to make this one. I learnt how to make use of the cloth simulator in Cinema 4D to make tears in metal. The process is pretty long as you literally have to make the cloth and the object that would tear through it, simulate it tearing through the cloth (long cache time) and then chose a particular moment that looks best on the timeline, delete the cloth simulation to freeze it there and then only create your render. 

04/07: “Flood of Nerves”

This one I liked particularly because you can actually visualize the emotion of the title. I created this using the Realflow plugin and Octane render. The challenge that I experienced was to try and not get the “water” to float above the surface. I then started experimenting with adding different Octane materials to the water mesh and ended up with this. It was an accident but then again, how much of real art isn’t?
05/07: “Filled With Joy”

Simply inspired to create something that relates to visualizing emotion I decided to try play off the statement “you fill me with joy”. The main focus as getting the Realflow plugin to fill up the letters in a believable fashion. Unfortunately it actually didn’t come out quite as I hoped as the “Joy” ends up just reminding me of a heavily populated beehive for some reason… But the principles in this one were what mattered.  

My next post will be looking at compositing much more in depth. 

Cheers for now!

Creatives 25/06 – 05/07: What’s Been Happening?(Update 1)

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