For crafting class project we were asked to create 6 animations over a space of 6 weeks. I decided to use this opportunity to play around with Instagram’s layout. Inspired by a bunch of Christmas posts by a creative called  I created six animations that linked together to build one picture/animation in Instagram. You can see how the posts look together on my Instagram page. 

The project was the first in which I began learning about F-Curve editing and dope sheets. These key elements are related to animating in Cinema 4D and are the key to getting things to move the way you want them to. In fact, one of my files got corrupted and the first half of my very intricate animation sequence disappeared but, using the dope sheet and F-curve editing modes, I was able to fix the major assortment of problems that arose from it. As a result, it has given me a key insight into 3D animation as well as 2D animation software as curve editing is something that is relatively common in animation software. 

Another great aspect of this project was that I was able to use my music performing and recording abilities to record all my own sound. I covered this a bit in the past in this post. Basically I use a looping station in order to layer different sounds together and make a pretty comprehensive sounding tune with it simply using a guitar, a bass pedal and a cajon.  I then edited the sounds so they all matched together in Adobe Audition. All the while I used parametric equalizers to remove unwanted sounds, graphic equalizers :to highlight more wanted tones and m/stering to add a bit more spenaz! 

08/07: “Pompeii”(1)





I will be refining this piece and will put up a post shortly with a more refined looking render. I will also put it up on my Instagram page. 

Thanks for reading!

Pompeii- A 6 Week Craft Project

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