For an ISTD brief project we had to dwell into the topic of typography. I decided to choose the theme of electricity and create executables related to it. This is what I managed to make.  

“The Anniversary of Electricity”

I created an anniversary around the creation and formation of the concept of electricity. This execution was a challenge as I was adamant to make use of my 3D abilities to create something relevant to the brief. The most difficulty I had with this was trying to match the audio with the visual representation of the words. I did this by adding sound to Cinema 4D and then painstakingly key framing the camera to animate at the right timing. With the number of words that the animation has, one can imagine that this would’ve taken a rather long time. Another issue I encountered was in relation to render times. Initially I wanted to have a complex 1850’s street-type scene that would be more revealed at the end. The problem with this is that the render would have just taken much too long. I managed to circumvent this by making the scene black and then having it light up the scene at the end. 
06/08: “Communication Without Electricity”

The intension of this one was to highlight the concept of having “communication” broken down without electricity. I liked this as it has it’s own strong message, however, it did not align very well with th message I was trying to convey in the original video I was supporting. 
ISTD Project- 06/08

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