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Here are just a few more explanations on my creatives that I’ve been working on. 

22/08: “Green Screen”

Compositing with a green screen is something that has given me a great deal of interest as the possibilities are absolutely endless! Here is the first successful attempt I managed to do. 

02/09: “Pop Up Notification”

Still eager to develop my skills in compositing, I decided to try create a literal pop up notification. Unfortunately it didn’t quite work out so well, except this time it was a result of rendering badly in NukeX after removing the green from the phone screen. My intention was to actually make the screen seem like it was a massive hole. Unfortunately the render turned out rather sloppy but to some degree was a success.  

This render made use of 3D tracking in Cinema 4D- except this time I used a standard camera with a 36mm lens so there was much less slipping once tracked. The model is simply a cube that has relatively long hair that has no gravity applied to it. When it animates, it allows for the hair to follow, however, applying stiffness to its roots prevents the hair from wrapping around the cube and thus gives it the effect it has. 
03/09: “When She Asks You To…”

After my lady asking me to shave I had to create something that brought it to the animated world. This was the first fully successful render that I made in NukeX that had a good quality and utilized the blur effect as well as animating in the program. This was a big step as I hope to make use of NukeX in the future as my primary editing software. This is because it is an industry standard that is used within the VFX community- Specifically by The Mill, a place where I would love to work one day. 
04/09: “Fabric”

Given the topic of fabric by a collegue I ended up making use of a tutorial to achieve this effect. Essentially it is done by using a single shape that is created using a spline and a sweep nerbs. That object is cloned in a grid formation and thus links the pieces together (Or appears to). The hair is then applied to the one object that is then cloned, therefore applying the hair strands to the rest of the object.

The problem with this was that I started running out of memory on my computer and the renderer refused to render. I solved this by only making one layer with a transparent background and then I brought the layer into NukeX and duplicated it. The lower layers I offset slightly and then applied blur to them. I then also colour corrected them to make the lower layers appear darker, also applying a black background. 
05/09: “Lokal”

To touch up on my 2D animation skills again I created a logo build for Jasmin Vandersteen. I made use of illustration by Nicki Blackbeard. I used the puppet tool within After Effects to animate all wiggling elements. This was time consuming as I had to separate each thing I wanted to animate into its own layer before I could bring it into After Effects. I then simply keyframed aspects like scale and opacity, ensuring to add exaggeration, to get the letters and other elements to pop up. To get the reveal of the slogan right, I simply used a mask for that layer in order to reveal it. 
12/10: “Lighthouse”

Eager to create something that is part of its own world altogether, I created the “Lighthouse”. Not only was it great for refreshing my knowledge in creating smoke, rendering with Arnold rather than Octane and making use of NukeX to colour correct and add blur. Another unique thing that I was eager to start doing was to add sound. To be honest I made use of royalty free sounds so I didn’t record it myself, however, I think it adds so much more to the animation.  
15/10: “Toaster”

Giving myself the goal of following the topic of “toaster”, I decided to follow the theme of steampunk for this one and create a smoking puttering little machine with a bit of character. The most time consuming aspect of this one was to create and cache the smoke so that it followed the little toaster. The caching alone took over 7 hours. Then rendering took 18 hours, so it was a lengthy render time! 
Creatives 22/08- 16/10 (Update 5)

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