This post is quite a mix as I started to really dabble in motion tracking  and the realm of VFX- an area that I have great interest in. 

12/08: “Sail- Ba dada dada da dum dee dum”

I decided to play around with creating as realistic looking a piece ass possible. Although it does appear more surreal than realistic, there is certainly an interesting look to it. This was an interesting one because I had to make use of a plane with a texture on in order to make the background- rather than an actual sky object. This is because its very difficult to acquire free HDRI’s that allow one to wrap a sky with lighting as well. I was also not able to take my own. Otherwise I simple made use of the hair simulator to make the grass with a custom Octane tag in order for the renderer to recognize it. It was actually more of a challenge to model the boat and its parts than to render this time around!
13/08: “Framing Coke”(Failed Attempt 1)

After getting a lot of positive feedback in a portfolio evening at my university, mainly around my compositing aspects, I decided to create a render that I would be able to link to a brand and that would help develop my compositing skills. This render was a failure, however, I certainly gave me a lot of knowledge on how to improve for the future. My problem wass that I was using the camera on my phone which has problems tracking in Cinema 4D due to the distortion on the lens and its small sensor size. As a result one can easily notice the slipping of the image over the projected image. Another important aspect here was projection mapping, which was essential in order to be able to do this in Cinema 4D with the Octane renderer.  This was attempt 1, although I would definitely like to try this again until I succeed. 

17/08: “Escape”

Interested in mograph-type animations and 3D modelling, I decided to create a model that would represent the want that has been building up in me to simply escape to the mountains like I was able to when I was a scout. By making use of a much more harder interpolation in the shadows, I was able to achieve this affect much accurately for the style. Here lighting, camera perspective and  basic material is the key. 
18/08:”The Floating Cup”

An unintended side-effect of not really knowing what I was doing, The Floating Cup was an attempt and trying to make the 3D tracking even more basic in order to place objects in space to match footage. Once again, the problem here was that I used my phone and thus the tracking points did not work as well. 

Simply  another test render to play with compositing, I was still unable to get this render to track well, even with the well defined shape of the floor. Once again this related to the camera used. I also used this as one of the first opportunities to render something in NukeX. As a result I pretty much failed that too as (I did not know this at the time) I did not set the data rate to be high enough in order to accommodate for quality. I also forgot that I filmed the footage at 60fps but rendered at half the rate. Therefore my render became literally twice as long and half the speed that it should have been. A good mistake to learn from early on!

Moral of this story: Always use a proper and standard 35mm/36mm lens on a normal camera rather than a phone. Unless you are able to find the exact sensor size, diameter, depth of field, field of view and focal length its just not worth the time to tinker around trying to make it work. 

Thanks for reading!

Creatives 12/08- 22/08 (Update 4)

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