After having a topic that I was to follow for a craft project, I decided that I wanted to try and give myself topics and tell stories in my everydays. Even though this was something I was trying to do in the past I still was not quite doing it in my renders. It is very easy to just create willy nilly but way more difficult to create for a topic or a specific idea i mind, I wanted to develop this skill.

09/07: “Fast Food”

My topic for the day was fast food, is given to me by my friend Leanne Bear. On the day I felt like nothing more than having a burger. Initially I was going to make a plate with a burger on it but then I wanted to try tell a bit more of a story. Although I did not achieve to much of a narrative in this one, I think that it still leaves the mind open to thinking up their on story. So in part it achieves its goal. This render made use of Octane’s emission material for the first time without causing a great deal of visual noise and still getting the effects I was looking for. I also began using post-processing effects such as bloom. This allows me to take the render and add depth, emphasize highlights and lighting as well as many more different handy tools that make the image more detailed.
12/07: “Revolution”

The topic in this one was obviously “revolution”. I wanted to initially play on the idea of the moon in revolution, except when I was finished it was way more simply than I expected it would be so I just decided to throw in the French revolution in there too. I wanted to work with deformers and thus made use of an animated displacement deformer with noise to animate the flag. I also wanted to make use of emissive materials as well, all rendered in Octane. I used a similar method as the flag to make the water, except using a different material. 

Playing off of a previous brief I had done on the Microsoft Surface, I decided to have things coming out of a screen to illustrate the possibilities of the device. It certainly did not turn out how I hoped it would but I learnt a lot. This one was a new avenue as I made use of a plugin called X-Particles which allows one to do some pretty crazy things with particles. Essentially the growing lines are particles that have a colour trail coming out of them. I added emission to them to make it cooler but beyond that I kept this one simple. 
23/07: “Deep Space Probe 2041”

This render was simply to once again pay with emission and displacement in Octane. One new aspect was the use of atmospheric fog through Octane. It turned out rather noisy but was definitely a stepping stone to something new. 
26/07: “Inheritance”

Possibly one of the coolest effectors in Cinema 4D is the inheritance effector. It basically gives you the ability to map shapes to particles or objects and therefore morph things into other things. I made use of a cloner to clone many spheres and then matched the shapes to each other using the inheritance effector. It can get a bit confusing s its definitely worth watching a tutorial on it.  Still very cool though!
27/07: “Bad Bulb Again”

After witnessing one of the most stunning lunar eclipses I have ever seen, I simply had to create a render related to it. I liked the idea of telling a story with this one, so I tried my best to. There wasn’t too much that was new in this one as I simply wanted to go through what I already knew and refresh my mind. Although I did try and make use of lighting in a little bit more of a cinematic way. I also made use of particles as seen under the moon.  
28/07: “The Night Before Hand In”

I started gaining more interest in using the different effectors and ended up following a cool tutorials that allowed me to node edit an effector called Xpresso in Cinema 4D. It essentially allows one to build their own custom effectors to help speed up an animating process or create pretty much whatever you want. I made use of it to animate a cue so that it is affected by momentum. 
29/07:”Electrical Dystopia Ain’t So Bad”

After creating a pretty cool looking static version of this render, I decided to render an animated one. It was great as I got to make use of TurbulenceFD for smoke, an HDRI map for environment lighting, material editing for accurate looking materials as well as post effects such as bloom in order to get the shine seen from the highlighted spots on the object. This was also my first taste of a steampunk type feel that I actually enjoy making quite a bit. I also made use of Realflow to create the water just to recap on my knowledge of manipulating liquids in 3D.  

Thanks for reading!

Creatives : 09/07- 29/07 (Update 3)

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