So my initial render for my Instagram page was somewhat sloppy to say the least. It had a ton of visual noise, the fog didn’t resemble that of a volcano, there was no full render of it and the colour scheme was not the greatest. Therefore I decided to refine it a little in order to have it as something that I would be willing to show at my showcase.

Here are the videos before being refined into one piece. 

As you can see, the quality of the render was terrible! I solved this by making use of Arnold renderer instead of Octane and then I tweaked the lighting so it had good effect of the objects around it. In particular, I added reflective surfaces to the objects in order to have the lighting reflecting more. I also made use of TurbulenceFD in order to give a more realistic smoke and fire formation in the volcano. I added structures to the signs which appeared to give it more impact and I also added supporting beams to the structures in order to not have too many random objects floating in space. I believe the render turned out a much greater quality and it was also nice to see the entire animation combined into one uniform animation. 

The Final Piece

A Refined Project (2) – 6 Weeks of Animation

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