So in order to pretty much combine all my skills I decided to create a bit of a cheesy advert for myself. The main intention of this project was to test my ability to composite elements together to make something pretty awesome. As I have a great deal of interest in the realm of VFX, I have been trying my best to gradually nurture myself into this world by getting into compositing. 

In the past I have had trouble creating a refined piece that combined two mediums together, so I set out to create one that would finally break this barrier. I borrowed two of my friends to help me with the project (as I could not film myself ) and then I made use of my front yard to simply set out props in a way that was streamlined. My focus was on incorporating my abilities in music, 2D animation and 3D animation (this aspect excited me the most). 

The Lead Up

Here is a bit of a summary of all my renders that led me to the final point. 


After many failed and mildly successful attempts I eventually set off creating one that would finally be something I was proud of. The result, although not perfect, was still something that I believe incorporates compositing into the piece in a believable way. 

Final Piece

A huge thank you to Nathan Kay for filming where I could not and Gareth Lesch for catching my guitar 100% of the time!

A Refined Project (1)- Learning a New Skill

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