Responsive Web(and Javascripting)

Hey guys. I did this a while back but I am required to show all my work for my brief, so here is a bit of a responsive website I was working on. I got heavily into Javascript and plugins at that stage so I made a point of making a very interactive site.

Here is the link!

Not Long To Go(Final Execution)

Hey guys! Here is the url for the final music video that I collaborated with Juan can Rooyen and Sarah-Jane Heath on. It was also part of a larger project for my university to create two well crafted execution pieces, the other being the Mountain Man Experience game/app.

My role was to determine best lighting positions, record the sound, help plan the shots to be taken and be the actual actor in it. Juan took the role of actually filming and editing the film together, Sarah-Jane took the role of colour editing and adding effects and text to it.

It was the first music video and collaborative video that I have made where the video itself was split up into multiple different delegated roles.

I hope you enjoy it!

Not Long To Go-Domenico 

Mountain Man Experience

So I cooked, built and packaged the game and it works! I built it for windows 32 bit first and I am happy with the result. I think it may lag slightly on lower end machines though but that will be compatibility that I will sort out at a later stage. From the last time I checked in I added a bunch of different sounds that are played at different triggers all over the map.

One thing that I have learnt is to MAKE SURE YOU NAME THE PROJECT CORRECTLY FROM THE START! This is because once you have named it,  it cannot be changed afterwards. As a result, my project now renders out as Blank1.exe which is not very ideal. This is okay on computer because I can simply change the .exe name, however, on android this permits to the entire install…. Which is not exactly aesthetically appealing. The purpose of this project was to learn more and to expand on the knowledge I have already though, which I have definitely done.

I will upload the Alpha builds(for Windows and Android) to drop box shortly so you can download them. Please note that I have no intention of making money from the application as it was a purely personal development project!


You’ll just have to bare with “Blank1” as the name of the game!


*Edit: I managed to rebuild the game with the name “Mountain_Man_Experience” for version 2. You’ll be able to find it as so on he apps page now.


Sound-Mountain Man Experienc

I jumped the gun a little and decided to add sound in to my game sooner than I anticipated. It took me ages to figure out what seems to be a rather simple task. When a player enters a region(inside the house) the ambient volume must turn down.

With very little to no help from Google, here is how I did it…

I figured out that a sound “process” should consist of five separate things:

1-The wav(not mp3) audio file that is dragged into the content browser

2- The sound cue, created from the wav file

3-A sound class, that acts as a redirect essentially

4-Two sound mixers, which allows you to modify a sound(Volume higher, volume lower)

5-The level blueprint where everything is programmed from

After importing the file and creating the sound cue, within the settings I set the sound class for the cue to the sound class I had created(not the master). Then I created a node process simply going from the song, to the sound class and then to the output. This process is important to understand the scheme of things because the sound class acts as a filter to change the sound.

In the sound class I added the sound mix as a passive parameter for the class.(Although I’m pretty sure this step is pointless)

I modified each sound mixer to both have the class as the one I created except one had a higher volume and pitch and the other had the latter. With this setup I was able to program the point where the player entered the room(using a trigger) and created an event which would load an event class or unload it out of the space.

The Sound Cue
Sound Class Setting
Sound Mix Setting
Trigger Box

Among this, today I have virtually set up the entire environment, excluding some trees and foliage which I will do tonight as well.

It will be finished tomorrow!!!!


The Long Haul-Mountain Man Experience

What’s up! I’ve been having tremendous amounts of trouble but have also ascended a rather steep learning curve over these past few days regarding Unreal Engine. Here’s what I’ve done so far..

I began importing the car into Unreal Engine and found out that it doesn’t quite agree with the model I made and didn’t render one of the faces.Capture.PNG

So I decided to save time and place the car behind the cabin as I in a parking spot. It’s not ideal but believe it or not the car took an age to make and I’d prefer to spend time on learning within Unreal Engine for the purpose of this project.

I continued and decided to work on creating my own grass for the engine. This was surprisingly simple until the point where I had to work with the node editor for the first time. Essentially it is a great feature as it avoids the need to know a specific programming knowledge but is actually like learning a language of its own.meshmaterialnodesgrass

From that point I worked with painting textures onto the landscape which happens to be the most difficult obstacle I have encountered thus far actually. land1node2

The main difficulty was to get the correct parameters for the node editor to render out the texture but I managed to make do with what I could, lending settings from starter content materials and mixing it into my own material.

Most recently and today I have been importing the assets I made, playing with lighting, time of day, volumetric fog and even adding water. lightinglighting2water

From this point there is still a lot to be done but it is great to see it all coming together. I plan to finish the terrain and importing the pre-made models today. From there tomorrow will be adding final models, sound and adjusting the character appropriately for the application and then rendering out the apk tomorrow evening.

Thanks for reading!


A Music Video

So as a second craft project I had to complete a music video for a song that I wrote called Not Long To Go. My main focus was on sound, lighting and placement of different shots as well as actually being in the video itself.

Here is a bit of a video that  shows that actual live recording of the song that is to be coupled with the music video. I made use of a Samson MX144P Mixing desk with a slight amount of reverb where I plugged my vocal condenser mic, guitar, cajon mic and keyboard into. From The desk I took a line into my RC-300 looping station which was connected into my laptop to record the sound.

I made use of Adobe Audition to record the sound into and then made a few edits in the program such as adjusting the parametric equalizer’s frequencys so that I could hone in on annoying frequencies and kill them. I also made use of a digital condenser to make sure that as many of the frequencies were equal, mastering to lift and lower the best and worst frequencies, amplifier as well as a limiter to cut the volume so that it remained as consistent throughout the song as possible.

I hope you like it and will keep you updated!

Models-Mountain Man

Hey guys, here are some of the models that I finished off last night and this morning ready to export to my game!bedCaptureCapturetable

Progress is definitely being made!


Today I will be making a radio, a scout plaque, a computer, mouse, car keys, a big table, trees and rocks. Its going to be a busy one today…

The Car-Mountain Man

Never have I had such a painfully slow and frustrating experience than I had in making the car… Never… The biggest problem was getting a smooth surface with so many faces and vertices. I did the best I could to try put everything together as neatly as possible but I have to accept that I am still new to all of the 3D scene. Here is the little 4×4 based off of the Mitsubishi Pajero IO(Maggie-May), my current car. I decided to add this in because it speaks a lot for my personality. I saved a lot and put a lot of hard work into getting the car so I figured I’d add her.car2.PNGcar4car3

It’s simple, I know, but this project is just a reflection of the beginning of a very long journey!

Modeling Day-Mountain Man

Today I will be making a 4×4, bed, lamp, bedside table and a guitar to add to my Mountain Man Experience. Here’s a bit on how I am making the 4×4. First I made use of the pen tool and drew out the 2D shape with reference to and image of a 4×4. Then I made use of the extrude tool to extend that into 3 dimension and from there its just neatening it up, adding materials, rendering for Unreal Engine and then importing.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAshapeCapture  Ill show a little more process on how I will make the other items as soon as possible.

Cheers for now!