So I have learnt quite a bit since my last post on this site. In fact, I created an Instagram page to post all the works that I do as it gets a little difficult to do it every day on my blog.

So here is a bit of a list of the new things I’ve encountered and begun experimenting with(Cinema 4D):

  • Arnold Renderer
  • Octane Renderer
  • Turbulence FD
  • X-Particles
  • RealFlow
  • Effectors
  • MoGraphs
  • Hair
  • Materials
  • Fruity Loops(FL Studio)
  • Digital Audio
  • Staging Animations
  • How to delete a virus
  • How not to get a virus like a retard
asia steampunk2
01/06: “Steampunk Asia”- This was one of the first successful renders that I managed to get right with fire (Turbulence FD). My biggest problem was to try and figure out how to render the fire- Note* turn on caching!
03/06: “Uranium Scampering”- This wasn’t anything too crazy learning wise. Although I did work o strategically placing lighting so you can actually see shit.
04/06: “Folk Bird”- Experimenting with dynamic hair and the Physical renderer gave a pretty cool effect. Although I had to render this at a slightly lower quality due to time constraints. Hair is actually one of my favourite things to work with. Not real hair… 3D hair…
06/06: “Spacial Flir”- I was tired and pretty sick of using physical renderer at this stage. Honestly, it’s a pain in the ass to set up but can get pretty cool results if you know how to use it. I don’t…
07/06: “Flat Tyre”- This was my first successful render with Arnold and I was uber impressed! A very cool render engine that is relatively simple to get going with. Although I crashed C4D quite a few times before I figured out how to work it properly.
08/06: “It’s in the Shop”- This was the second successful Arnold render I made. The most difficult aspect was trying to get the hair to render in Arnold. I ended up learning that there’s a special shader for the hair.
09/06: “A Child’s Mind” -Making use of Arnold once again, I managed to render a plastic-watery type substance with the help of RealFlow. Although not very accurate I liked the concept of a child’s mind playing with their food.
10/06: “We’re Not Sure Sir”- This was a pretty cool mushroom cloud effect that I managed to get with Turbulance FD. I also successfully brought it into Arnold for the first time… So that was cool. It was also a good learning curve for using displacement to get ripples.
11/06: “Fluidic Failure”- This was a complete flop as renders go. The water was taking waaaaayy too long to render so I decided to do a still. I learnt a lot about using RealFlow and controlling water. This is something I will definitely have to do much more in the future.
12/06: “Operation Cerberus”- Honestly, this one was a quickie. The only real value here was the illumination that I had to figure out within Arnold Renderer.
14/06: “Jelly Fish Outlast- I made tis as a challenge to the view that the “End of the World” is really the end. It’s a facade I say! A FACADE! This was actually a culmination of a bunch of techniques I learnt earlier, especially tricks with displacement and Turbulance.
15/06: “Google Bot Alpha”- The most I got out of this one was playing around with materials and adding a bit of mixed media with Photoshop.
18/06: “Viral Overload”- After getting a pretty crazy virus on my computer(which I absolutely conquered), I decided to make a post after it. This one started working with Arnold volume lighting for the first time. This gave it a very fogged up type feel.
21/06: “No Time”- I had an exam the next day so naturally I had no time. I actually learnt the most about composition, staging and placing a bit of meaning behind the works in this one. Hair was also something I hadn’t yet rendered in Arnold.
25/06: “Jerry’s on 1408”- This is the first successful render that actually makes use of X-Particles to give rain. Except you can’t really see the rain or the effect because it wasn’t light enough….You live and learn I guess.

Unfortunately I can’t post videos on my WordPress so I will create a Vimeo account and post links to my moving every day works a little later!


Thanks for reading:)


Creatives 01/06 – 25/06

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