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This weekend I had to stick with relatively quick renders as I had a lot of other things to do but here are the creatives.

The first, “Fight the Machine” drew some inspiration from my environmentalism lectures where we have been covering the discourse of nature, industrialization and anthropocentric environmentalism.

The render was intended to be a learning render to discover using matrix extrude as well as HDRI/Global Illumination lighting and incorporated my first use of smoke through the use of pyro textures in C4D. Since this point I have managed to discover some interesting ways to do smoke which I would like to experiment with in other renders.

City Expansion0250
“Fight the Machine”


The “Miniature VW Van” is part of a concept to have miniature scenes fitted in window displays to make them more engaging, tell a better story and just add a great deal of new interest to something that has otherwise become dull and conventional.

The render mad use of the newly acquired skill of HDRI lighting with global illumination that really brings a scene to life. I also was an experiment with Fresnel-Dielectric reflection that provides an easy means to get pretty decent reflections.

“Miniature VW Van”

Thanks for reading!:)


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