So here are some creative things that I’ve been up to lately.

I wrote and recorded a song for Poison City that was all about my experience as a Durbanite and how somehow I always ended up drifting my way back to Durban city.

Creative- 17th May


Although not quite creatives, I documented my journey to Cape Town in performing in my duo with my lady called The North and South.

Creative(Sortof)- 18-21 May

Cape Town-1Cape Town-2Cape Town-3Cape Town-4Cape Town-5Cape Town-6Cape Town-7Cape Town-8

Then I was a bit bad in that I didn’t do my creatives for 21-23 May although todays one was a quick squeeze in of a render to help a friend get a concept of VR practical use in for a project. This one I managed to do in 20 minutes which I was happy with at least.

Creative- 24 May


I haven’t been doing much that is too crazy lately but I am certainly trying to keep up with doing at least something creative every day!

Thanks for reading:)

Creatives 17-21 May

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