Creatives 01/06 – 25/06

So I have learnt quite a bit since my last post on this site. In fact, I created an Instagram page to post all the works that I do as it gets a little difficult to do it every day on my blog.

So here is a bit of a list of the new things I’ve encountered and begun experimenting with(Cinema 4D):

  • Arnold Renderer
  • Octane Renderer
  • Turbulence FD
  • X-Particles
  • RealFlow
  • Effectors
  • MoGraphs
  • Hair
  • Materials
  • Fruity Loops(FL Studio)
  • Digital Audio
  • Staging Animations
  • How to delete a virus
  • How not to get a virus like a retard
asia steampunk2
01/06: “Steampunk Asia”- This was one of the first successful renders that I managed to get right with fire (Turbulence FD). My biggest problem was to try and figure out how to render the fire- Note* turn on caching!
03/06: “Uranium Scampering”- This wasn’t anything too crazy learning wise. Although I did work o strategically placing lighting so you can actually see shit.
04/06: “Folk Bird”- Experimenting with dynamic hair and the Physical renderer gave a pretty cool effect. Although I had to render this at a slightly lower quality due to time constraints. Hair is actually one of my favourite things to work with. Not real hair… 3D hair…
06/06: “Spacial Flir”- I was tired and pretty sick of using physical renderer at this stage. Honestly, it’s a pain in the ass to set up but can get pretty cool results if you know how to use it. I don’t…
07/06: “Flat Tyre”- This was my first successful render with Arnold and I was uber impressed! A very cool render engine that is relatively simple to get going with. Although I crashed C4D quite a few times before I figured out how to work it properly.
08/06: “It’s in the Shop”- This was the second successful Arnold render I made. The most difficult aspect was trying to get the hair to render in Arnold. I ended up learning that there’s a special shader for the hair.
09/06: “A Child’s Mind” -Making use of Arnold once again, I managed to render a plastic-watery type substance with the help of RealFlow. Although not very accurate I liked the concept of a child’s mind playing with their food.
10/06: “We’re Not Sure Sir”- This was a pretty cool mushroom cloud effect that I managed to get with Turbulance FD. I also successfully brought it into Arnold for the first time… So that was cool. It was also a good learning curve for using displacement to get ripples.
11/06: “Fluidic Failure”- This was a complete flop as renders go. The water was taking waaaaayy too long to render so I decided to do a still. I learnt a lot about using RealFlow and controlling water. This is something I will definitely have to do much more in the future.
12/06: “Operation Cerberus”- Honestly, this one was a quickie. The only real value here was the illumination that I had to figure out within Arnold Renderer.
14/06: “Jelly Fish Outlast- I made tis as a challenge to the view that the “End of the World” is really the end. It’s a facade I say! A FACADE! This was actually a culmination of a bunch of techniques I learnt earlier, especially tricks with displacement and Turbulance.
15/06: “Google Bot Alpha”- The most I got out of this one was playing around with materials and adding a bit of mixed media with Photoshop.
18/06: “Viral Overload”- After getting a pretty crazy virus on my computer(which I absolutely conquered), I decided to make a post after it. This one started working with Arnold volume lighting for the first time. This gave it a very fogged up type feel.
21/06: “No Time”- I had an exam the next day so naturally I had no time. I actually learnt the most about composition, staging and placing a bit of meaning behind the works in this one. Hair was also something I hadn’t yet rendered in Arnold.
25/06: “Jerry’s on 1408”- This is the first successful render that actually makes use of X-Particles to give rain. Except you can’t really see the rain or the effect because it wasn’t light enough….You live and learn I guess.

Unfortunately I can’t post videos on my WordPress so I will create a Vimeo account and post links to my moving every day works a little later!


Thanks for reading:)


Creative 01/06

Today’s theme was Steampunk Asia, so I just went for it! I played a bit with making fire as that’s something I want to look at getting good at!

asia steampunk2

Today’s Creative 31/05

Here’s a quick creative for today made in Cinema 4D inspired by the theme “Man in the Mirror”. I finally learnt hot to put the right shader for a light so that its actually a bit see through. It turned out to be pretty simple!

Check it out.


That’s all! Thanks for reading:)

Creatives 17-21 May


So here are some creative things that I’ve been up to lately.

I wrote and recorded a song for Poison City that was all about my experience as a Durbanite and how somehow I always ended up drifting my way back to Durban city.

Creative- 17th May

Although not quite creatives, I documented my journey to Cape Town in performing in my duo with my lady called The North and South.

Creative(Sortof)- 18-21 May

Cape Town-1Cape Town-2Cape Town-3Cape Town-4Cape Town-5Cape Town-6Cape Town-7Cape Town-8

Then I was a bit bad in that I didn’t do my creatives for 21-23 May although todays one was a quick squeeze in of a render to help a friend get a concept of VR practical use in for a project. This one I managed to do in 20 minutes which I was happy with at least.

Creative- 24 May


I haven’t been doing much that is too crazy lately but I am certainly trying to keep up with doing at least something creative every day!


Thanks for reading:)

Creatives 15-17th May

Hey There!

So this previous week has been pretty epic  and I haven’t had a moment to post but here is the 15th-17th’s creative daily’s(I’ll be posting separately for each day so its not too much to digest in one post).

On the 15th we had a Design Jam challenge for a client that wanted to beef up their social media with some interesting stories. So I teamed up with two other multimedia students and we set off to take some photos to document a journey on a cloudy day in Durban. Then we decided that, well, we are were multimedia students so what better way to bring the life out of Durban by putting life into still images. So with the keen use of Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Cinema 4D and a great deal of time(you’d be surprised) I made a collection of my own moving images that just added a little spinaz to the still photos. Simply but fun and cool…



I did this by removing the animals in Photoshop, then image tracing the animals from the images and manually correcting the points in Illustrator and then finally bringing the background and the animals into After Effects. I then made use of the puppet tool to warp the monkey  bodies to animate in a way that gave it a bit of life.

Unfortunately the render for this one came out a little slower than I would have liked which makes it a little bit laborious to watch…


This one was uber simple. Just making use of a masked shape layer in After Effects to show the writing. The interesting part is always getting the letters separate from the background…



This one was certainly a challenge but a well welcome one nonetheless. I first had to Photoshop the sign out of the initial background image and then fill in the space behind the sign accurately by cutting, copying and healing parts of the image. I then brought the background as well as the original image into Cinema 4D and tried to best match up the the sign board with a cube that I shaped and angled in Cinema 4D. Angling was only half of it as trying to accurately angle the HDR image so that there was a realistic enough environment reflection actually proved the most challenging. Somewhere along the line I managed to completely mess up the proportions of the sign and thus you get the difference that is rather noticeable in the images above.

For the future I now know to be mindful of render frame rate for GIFs, ensure the colour is correct when colouring an object in Cinema 4D and make sure proportions are correct(check, double check, triple check)…

Thanks for reading!


Hello there!

This weekend I had to stick with relatively quick renders as I had a lot of other things to do but here are the creatives.

The first, “Fight the Machine” drew some inspiration from my environmentalism lectures where we have been covering the discourse of nature, industrialization and anthropocentric environmentalism.

The render was intended to be a learning render to discover using matrix extrude as well as HDRI/Global Illumination lighting and incorporated my first use of smoke through the use of pyro textures in C4D. Since this point I have managed to discover some interesting ways to do smoke which I would like to experiment with in other renders.

City Expansion0250
“Fight the Machine”


The “Miniature VW Van” is part of a concept to have miniature scenes fitted in window displays to make them more engaging, tell a better story and just add a great deal of new interest to something that has otherwise become dull and conventional.

The render mad use of the newly acquired skill of HDRI lighting with global illumination that really brings a scene to life. I also was an experiment with Fresnel-Dielectric reflection that provides an easy means to get pretty decent reflections.

“Miniature VW Van”

Thanks for reading!:)

Wave-Creative Daily

Wavey was another “learning render” I did in order to start experimenting with incorporating the sky into the scene and therefore the reflection as a result. It was also an experiment to play with the way elements bend and combining this as a result.

Wavey As you can see in the reflection, the addition of an external and realistic environment enhances the image tenfold!

Thanks for reading:)

Creatives Daily

Seriously, this time I mean it… I’m going to try do a piece every day… Reading this and looking at the context of my previous posts you’re probably thinking that this guy is quite the procrastinator. Well, yes… I am… but either way I suppose its the thought that counts and I’m trying really hard to mean it!

I want to do regular creative pieces to get some advanced(and fundamental) experience in C4D particularly, however, I do fancy dabbling in other mediums of course but it seems I’ve developed quite a love for 3D. In order to warm up the creative engine again I started with a bit of a random render to just improve my skills with using a sweep wrap, brush tool, global illumination and lighting to give spot light type of effect…


I plan to start trying to add a bit more meaning to my works and practices in order to practice my story telling skills a bit more!

Thanks for reading:)

Music Video

So I’ve been really busy working on other projects but here is a little ongoing project that I will be doing for the next 6 weeks…

I recorded a cover of me playing Bastille’s-Pompeii and I would like to find a way to incorporate 3D  into this and make it interesting.

I hope you like it. It is the combination of looping, drumming, guitar and vocals.


A Craft Project-8 Bit Gandalf

Hello There!

So it’s 2018 and I haven’t been updating my blog during my vacation time so here is a bit of an update.

Recently I have been tremendously inspired by short films, the process of creating it and submerging oneself into the entire world that can be created. Some particular influences have been The Fox and the Whale , David Armsby’s Films and the Blender Animation Studio’s Cosmos Laundromat project. I would love to try improve my skills in this field this year and would be interested to see how I can improve in my drawing capabilities to achieve this.

I downloaded an educational version of Maya 2018 and will also be working in that improving my skills this year too.

Among this, I have been working on my personal duo website on the side. The most difficult and time consuming part is getting everything to be efficiently responsive for many different devices. Here is how far I have gotten of late.

The North and SouthI will keep working on it, introducing new skills into the website as I learn them this year.

My latest crafting projecting is a big 8-bit character that I created as a class project. I decided to make Gandalf . I first designed it in Illustrator and then printed it out…Gandulf.png

Then once printed out I simply counted the necessary amount of blocks and painted them the colours they needed to be. I then stuck them together with contact adhesive and placed them onto a page, which helped keep them together as well!



It’s not perfect but it’s still pretty cool I must admit. The name of the game is put it onto the wall at my university to spruce things up, along with all the other 2nd and 3rd year 8-bit characters. I’ll upload another picture when it’s all up!